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Gregorian Calendar Date

2018- 2019
2019- 2020
Traditional Jewish Year Cycle
Hebrew Calendar Date
SHABBAT- Traditionally from Friday evening sundown until Saturday evening sundown every weekend. (Sabbath)
Friday Night Sundown to Saturday Night Sundown
Enjoy The Day Of Rest
Enjoy The Day Of Rest
Enjoy The Day Of Rest
Enjoy The Day Of Rest
Enjoy The Day Of Rest
Enjoy The Day Of Rest
Enjoy The Day Of Rest
Enjoy The Day Of Rest
Enjoy The Day Of Rest
Enjoy The Day Of Rest
ROSH HASHANAH- Considered to be the Jewish religious New Year cycle.
1st   of  Tishri
Sept. 9-10th 2010
Sept. 29-30th 2011
Sept. 17-18th 2012
Sept. 5-6th 2013
Sept. 25-26th 2014
Sept. 14-15th 2015
Oct.  3-4th 2016
Sept. 21-22nd 2017

Sept. 10-11th 2018

Sept. 30- Oct.1 2019
10 DAYS OF AWE-The 10 days from Rosh Hashanah to the end of Yom Kippur.
1st - 10th of Tishri
Sept. 9th-Sept. 18th 2010
Sep. 29th- Oct. 8th 2011
Sept. 17- Sept. 26 2012
Sept. 5th- Sept. 14th 2013
Sept. 25th- Oct. 4th 2014
Sept. 14th- Sept. 23rd 2015
Oct. 3rd- Oct. 12th 2016
Sept. 21st- Sept. 30th 2017
Sept. 10th- Sept. 19th 2018
Sept. 30th- Oct. 9th 2019
3rd of Tishri
Sept. 12th 2010
Oct. 2nd 2011
Sept. 19th 2012
Sept. 8th 2013
Sept. 28th 2014
Sept. 16th 2015
Oct. 5th 2016
Sept. 24th 2017
Sept. 12th 2018
Oct. 2nd 2019
YOM KIPPUR- Considered by many to be the holiest day of the year. (Fast Day)
10th of Tishri
Sept. 18th 2010
Oct. 8th 2011
Sept. 26th 2012
Sept. 14th 2013
Oct. 4th 2014
Sept. 23rd 2015
Oct. 12th 2016
Sept. 30th 2017
Sept. 19th 2018
Oct. 9th 2019
SUKKOT- 8 day holiday to remember the wandering in the dessert for 40 years.
15th of Tishri
Sept. 23rd 2010
Oct. 13th 2011
Oct. 1st 2012
Sept. 19th 2013
Oct. 9th 2014
Sept. 28th 2015
Oct. 17th 2016
Oct. 5th 2017
Sept. 24th 2018
Oct. 14th 2019
HOSHANA RABBA- 7th day of Sukkah
21st  of Tishri
Sept. 29th 2010
Oct. 19th 2011
Oct. 7th 2012
Sept. 25th 2013
Oct. 15th 2014
Oct. 4th 2015
Oct. 23rd 2016
Oct. 11th 2017
Sept. 30th 2018
Oct. 20th 2019
SHIMINI ATZERET- 8th day of Sukkah holiday.
22nd of Tishri
Sept. 30th 2010
Oct. 20th 2011
Oct. 8th 2012
Sept. 26th 2013
Oct. 16th 2014
Oct. 5th 2015
Oct. 24th 2016
Oct. 12th 2017
Oct. 1st 2018
Oct. 21st 2019
SIMCHAT TORAH- Finish reading Torah. Date may be same as Shemini Atzeret
23rd of Tishri
Oct. 1st 2010
Oct. 21st 2011
Oct. 9th 2012
Sept. 27th 2013
Oct. 17th 2014
Oct. 6th 2015
Oct. 25th 2016
Oct. 13th 2017
Oct. 2nd 2018
Oct. 22nd 2019
HANUKKAH- Festival of lights, rededication of the temple.
25th of Kislev
Dec. 2nd- Dec. 9th 2010
Dec. 21st- Dec. 28th 2011
Dec. 9th- Dec. 16th 2012
Nov. 28th- Dec. 5th 2013
Dec. 17th- Dec. 24th 2014
Dec. 7th- Dec. 14th 2015
Dec. 25th- Jan. 1st 2017
Dec. 13th- Dec. 20th 2017
Dec. 3rd- Dec. 10th 2018
Dec. 23rd- Dec. 30th 2019
10th of Tevet
Dec. 17th 2010
Jan. 5th 2012
Dec. 23rd 2012
Dec. 13 2013
Jan. 1st 2015
Dec. 22nd 2015
Jan. 8th 2017
Dec. 28th 2017
Dec. 18 2018
Jan. 7th 2020
15th of Shevat
Jan. 20th 2011
Feb. 8th 2012
Jan. 26th 2013
Jan. 16th 2014
Feb. 4th 2015
Jan. 25th 2016
Feb 11th 2017
Jan. 31st 2018
Jan. 21st 2019
Feb. 10th 2020
13th of Adar
Mar. 17th 2011
Mar. 7th 2012
Feb. 21st 2013
March 13th 2014
March 4th 2015
March 23rd 2016
March 9th 2017
Feb. 28th 2018
March 20th 2019
March 9th 2020
14th of Adar
Mar. 20th 2011
Mar. 8th 2012
Feb. 24th 2013
March 16th 2014
March 5th 2015
March 24th 2016
March 12th 2017
March 1st 2018
March 21st 2019
March 10th 2020
14th of Nissan
April 18th 2011
April 6th 2012
March 25th 2013
April 14th 2014
April 3rd 2015
April 22nd 2016
April 10th 2017
March 30th 2018
April 19th 2019
April 8th 2020
15th of Nisan
April 19th 2011
April 7th 2012
March 26th 2013
April 15th 2014
April 4th 2015
April 23rd 2016
April 11th 2017
March 31st 2018
April 20th 2019
April 9th 2020
16th of Nisan
April 20th 2011
April 8th 2012
March 27th 2013
April 16th 2014
April 5th 2015
April 24th 2016
April 12th 2017
April 1st 2018
April 21st 2019
April 10th 2020
YOM HASHOAHHolocaust Remembrance Day.
27th of Nisan
May. 2nd 2011
April 19th 2012
April 8th 2013 April 28th 2014 April 16th 2015 May 5th 2016 April 24th 2017 April 12th 2018 May 2nd 2019 April 21st 2020
YOM HAZIKKARON- Israel Remembrance Day.
4th of Iyar
May 8th 2011
April 26th 2012
>April 15th 2013 May 4th 2014 April 22nd 2015 May 11th 2016 April 30th 2017 April 19th 2018 May 8th 2019 April 28th 2020
5th of Iyar
May 9th 2011
April 27th 2012
April 16th 2013 May 5th 2014 April 23rd 2015 May 12th 2016 May 1st 2017 April 20th 2018 May 9th 2019 April 29th 2020
18th of Iyar
May 22nd 2011
May 10th 2012
April 28th 2013
May 18th 2014
May 7th 2015
May 26th 2016
May 14th 2017
May 3rd 2018
May 23rd 2019
May 12th 2020
28th of Iyar
June 1st 2011
May 20th 2012
May 8th 2013 May 28th 2014 May 17th 2015 June 5th 2016 May 24th 2017 May 13th 2018 June 2nd 2019 May 22nd 2020
6th of Sivan
June 8th 2011
May 27th 2012
May 15th 2013
June 4th 2014
May 24th 2015
June 12th 2016
May 31st 2017
May 20th 2018
June 9th 2019
May 29th 2020
17th of Tammuz
July 19th 2011
July 7th 2012
June 25th 2013 July 15th 2014 July 5th 2015 July 24th 2016 July 11th 2017 July 1st 2018 July 21st 2019 July 9th 2020
9th of Av
Aug. 9th 2011
July 29th 2012
July 16th 2013 Aug. 5th 2014 July 26th 2015 Aug. 14th 2016 Aug. 1st 2017 July 22nd 2018 Aug. 11th 2019 July 30th 2020
15th OF AV
15th of Av
Aug. 15th 2011
Aug. 3rd 2012
July 22nd 2013 Aug. 11th 2014 July 31st 2015 Aug. 19th 2016 Aug. 7th 2017 July 17th 2018 Aug. 16th 2019 Aug. 5th 2020

Holiday Notes:

Day Of Atonement (Yom Kippur): Because of the way the calendar is set up, Yom Kippur can not occur on the first, third, or sixth day of the week. This helps to deal with issues such as food preparation and burial issues along with the scheduling of the holiday Hoshanah Rabbah.(1)

Simchat Torah:  The observance of Sukkot is on the 15th day of Tishri. It is a 8 day holiday. The first 6 days are known as Sukkot. The Seventh day takes upon itself a new name called Hoshana Rabba and is considered a holiday of its own because the requirements of Sukkot no longer apply. The Eighth day is known as Shemini Atzeret. The next day after the Eight days is Simchat Torah. Some congregations (mostly in Israel) celebrate Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah on the same day. Outside of Israel it is more common to have 2 separate days. This was originally necessary to allow for the news of the official recognition of the holidays timing to travel outside of Israel. This is no longer necessary but the tradition is already in place.

Purim: Sometimes this holiday is celebrated on the 14th or 15th of Adar depending on the custom of your geographical area. The United States is the 14th.

Fast Day Note: Sometimes when a Fast Day falls on the Sabbath an adjustment is made to allow the Fast Day observance to be held just before or just after the Sabbath instead of the actual day itself. In most cases, fasting on the Sabbath is not done.

Fast of Gedaliah: When Rosh Hashanah falls on Thursday and Friday, the fast is postponed until Sunday.

Holocaust Remembrance Day: The internationally recognized date comes from the Hebrew calendar and corresponds to the 27th day of Nisan on that calendar. It marks the anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. In Hebrew, Holocaust Remembrance Day is called Yom Hashoah. When the actual date of Yom Hashoah falls on a Friday, the state of Israel observes Yom Hashoah on the preceding Thursday. When it falls on a Sunday, Yom Hashoah is observed on the following Monday.(2)


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God's Calendar of feasts are appointed times for us to meet with Him.


1). The Jewish Festivals by S.M.Lehrman p.186.


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