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Thank You For Asking How To Support JewishRoots.Net

There are two ways to support JewishRoots.Net and we would appreciate your support in either or both of them.

1) Prayer

First And Foremost We Would Appreciate Your Support With Prayer.

Praying HandsPray that this site is pleasing to the LORD and receives His blessing. Pray that part of that blessing is that the LORD will use this web site to reach the hearts of many, both believers and non believers in Jesus as our Messiah. Pray that the voice of the Holy Spirit is heard and obeyed, concerning the truth and integrity of its content and the way it is presented. Pray that all honor and glory is given to the Son for allowing this site to be created.

2) Feedback

The Second Area Of Support That Will Help Is Feedback.

Every effort has been made to recognize other sources that have contributed educational materials to this site. If for some reason you know of someone not receiving proper recognition for their work, please let us know. We have working relationships with many groups that have allowed us to reprint some of their material. It is our policy to credit contributors whenever practical.

If an error is found please let us know. We are human and do make mistakes.

If you have some information that you feel will fit into the framework of this web site please let us know. It is our intent to be dynamic. There is always room to grow in a direction that will teach others and bring forth the truth of the Bible at the same time.

The intent of this web site is not to hurt others or to force our views on someone else. We simple want to present to you, the web site visitor, what we believe to be Biblical truths for you to think about. This site is not intended to "put down" any other religion but is intended to "lift up" Jesus (Yeshua) as Lord, Savior, and Messiah. We apologize for any unintentional results from our stated positions. We do not apologize for teaching the truth that Jesus came, died on a cross for you and me, and offers you eternal life through faith in Him.

If there is something you really like or dislike, please let us know that also. Your feed back is important.

Feedback can be sent through email or snail mail.

Contact Us

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P.O.Box 123 Edwards, Illinois 61528-0123

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Miscellaneous: (Financial Contributions)

At this time, due to the Lords blessings, this site is financially secure. We do not solicit financial donations from others. We believe that you should help your own house of worship first. There are many ministries that would gladly accept your financial help that have similar objectives as JewishRoots.Net.

For those who do not yet have a personal relationship with the Messiah, this web site has a gift for you. That gift being the truth of the Gospel message spread out over these pages. If for some reason you need a Bible, please let us know and we will try to get one to you.

Read about Our Messiah.

Thank You From JewishRoots.Net

May The Lord Bless You and Keep You!



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