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Support For Messianic Interpretation of Isaiah 53

The Suffering Messiah:

The Messianic interpretation of Isaiah 53 was common before and during the days of Jesus. The New Testament writers (most of whom were Jewish) address this in several passages (Matt. 8:17; Luke 22:37; John 12:37-38; Acts 8:32-33; Rom. 10:16; 1 Peter 2:24-25). It continued during the creation of the Talmud which was finished around 400 A.D. Many other ancient Jewish writings support the view that Isaiah 53 is a Messianic passage.(1) Included in these ancient Jewish writings would be things written in the Zohar and commentary written by Rabbi Moses Maimonides:

For more insight on Judaism's interpretation of this verse relating directly to our Messiah please read What The Rabbis Said.


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Support for this passage referring to the Messiah can be found in many instances of Jewish literature.

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1). Can One Lord fulfill Two Functions? by Roy Schwartz, Christian Jew Foundation

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