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Rabbi Eleazer Kalir:

Rabbi Eleazer Kalir (9th Century) wrote the following Musaf Prayer:

"Our righteous Messiah has departed from us. Horror has seized us and we have no one to justify us. He has borne our transgressions and the yoke of our iniquities, and is wounded because of our transgressions. He bore our sins upon His shoulders that we may find pardon for our iniquity. We shall be healed by His wounds, at the time when the Eternal will recreate Him a new creature. Oh bring Him up from the circle of the earth, raise Him up from Seir, that we may hear Him the second time." (Source Unknown)

The Musaf (Additional) Service For The Day Of Atonement,
Philips machzor (20th c.)

Our righteous anointed is departed from us: horror hath seized us, and we have no one to justify us. He hath borne the yoke of our iniquities, and our transgression, and is wounded because of our transgression. He beareth our sins on his shoulder, that he may find pardon for our iniquities. We shall be healed by his wound, at the time that the Eternal will create him (the Messiah) as a new creature. O bring him up from the circle of the earth. Raise him up from Seir, to assemble us the second time on Mount Lebanon, by the hand of Yinnon.

A. Th. Philips, Machzor Leyom Kippur / Prayer Book for the Day of Atonement with English Translation; Revised and Enlarged Edition (New York: Hebrew Publishing Company, 1931), p. 239. The passage can also be found in, e.g., the 1937 edition. Also, Driver and Neubauer, p.399.

Med-Messianic-SealOur Messiah In The Prayer:

These prayers draw upon the passage of scripture found in Isaiah 53 where the Messiah is recognized as the Suffering Servant.



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