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The person chosen to blow the Shofar on the holidays is called the ba’al teki’ah, which means the master of the Shofar. The ba’al teki’ah has the honor of blowing the Shofar for the entire congregation.

There are four different traditional sounds that the ba’al teki’ah is required to blow. To hear these sounds click on the underlined words.

Traditional Sounds Of The Shofar

Teki’ah:        1 long mellow tone.
Some view this sound as the sound of the King's ( God ) coronation.
Shevarim:       3 very short blasts, which sounds like sobs.
Some view these 3 short blast as a sobbing cry of a heart.
Teru’ah:          9 very short blasts, kind of sounds like wailing.
Some view these 9 short blast like the sound of an alarm clock to wake us up on our spiritual walk.
Teki’ah Gedolah  1 long blast as long as the ba’al teki’ah can manage.



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