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Esther 2:12 recounts the preparation of the virgins who would be tested by the King. One of them he would choose as his new Queen. Now one thing to note is that the complete time of preparation was one full year. The year of preparation was divided into two equal parts of six moths each. The first six months of purification were accomplished with oil of myrrh (also a gift of the Wise Men to Yeshua) and the second six months of purification were accomplished with sweet odours, and other things for the purifying of the women (KJV). The Stearns version says that the second six month period of purification was accomplished with perfumes and other cosmetics for women. According to the account published by the Jewish Publication Society, the second six months of purification came about with “sweet odours, and with other ointments for the women.” Sounds like a great spa! For a whole year, no less.

However, if we look to the origins of some of the words used here, we find a very different meaning. Purification in the original Hebrew comes from a root word (tse`aqah) meaning to be brought low. Myrrh is described as being distilled (another word for purified) in drops, and related to bitterness. The distillation process heats a liquid until it becomes a gas (or vapor) and then cools it to a liquid again. This process removes impurities form the original distillate. It is only after the bride goes through this process of being purified, brought low and cleansed of impurities that she is pure enough to receive the sweet spicy, balsamic fragrances (the fragrance of the Rose of Sharon, Lily of the Valley?) for another six months. Then she is ready to go in to the King for his judgment. Will she receive the crown or not? He who has ears to her, let him hear what the Word says of the Bride.


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The name Hadassah is Hebrew for Esther


Jewish Voice Today magazine, a publication of Jewish Voice Broadcast and Hear O Israel Ministries. (Reprinted here with permission).

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