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Holocaust Terms:

Here Is A List Of Words Often Used In Describing The Holocaust:

Allies: Nations fighting Nazi Germany in World War 2.
Anti-semitism: Dislike or hatred of the Jews.
Arbeit Macht Frei: "Work makes you free" - on gates of Auschwitz, to deceive prisoners on arrival.
Auschwitz-Birkenau - Death camp where 1.6 million died.
Babi Yar - Ravine near Kiev where 34,000 Jews were killed.
Belzee - Camp in Poland, 550,000 - 600,000 Jews died there.
Buchenwald - First major concentration camp in Germany.
Chelmo - First major camp to use gassing to murder Jews.
Crematorium - Ovens built to dispose of murdered bodies.
Dachau - Himmler's camp near Munich opened in1933.
Einsatzgruppen - Mobile death squad executed Jews.
Final Solution - Plot by Nazis to destroy Jews of Europe.
Fuhrer - German for "leader," adopted by Adolf Hitler.
Gas chambers - Sealed rooms for murdering Jews. (Showers)
Gestapo - Secret state police of the German army.
Ghetto - Walled area of city. Jews were forced to live there.
Judenrein - German word for "cleansed of Jews."
Kaddish - Jewish prayer for the dead.
Krakow Ghetto - In Poland. Schindler saved Jews in 1943.
Kristallnacht - "Night of broken glass," a pogrom in 1938.
Majdanek - In Poland, death camp where 360,000 killed.
Mein Kampf - Hitler's life story. (My Struggle) His plans.
Night and Fog: Term for those who vanished without trace.
Pogrom: An organized attack on innocents.
SA - Storm troopers of Nazis secured Hitler's rise to power.
Shtel - Small towns in Poland/Russia of mostly Jews.
Sobibor - Polish death camp where 250,000 Jews were gassed.
SS - The German elite guard. Hitler's personal protectors.
Swastika - Old symbol used by Nazis as official mark.
Tallis - Shawl worn by Jewish men when at prayer.
Third Reich - Third empire Hitler told would last 1,000 years.
Torah - First five books of the Hebrew Bible.
Treblinka - Death camp where 870,000 Jews were killed.
Untermenschen - "Sub-humans," Nazi word for undesirables.
Warsaw Ghetto - In Poland, 100 blocks held 50,000 Jews.
Yiddish - German-Hebrew language of Eastern Europe.
Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement, fasting and repentance.
Zyklon B - Pellets dropped in gas chambers. They killed Jews much faster than carbon monoxide.


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Everlasting Nation - March/April 2012 p.6

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