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This flag, adopted by the first Zionist Congress in Basle in 1897, had become accepted by Jewish communities throughout the world as the emblem of Zionism and it was thus natural to use it at the official proclamation of statehood.

The Provisional Council Of State Proclamation Of The Flag Of The State Of Israel.

Israel-Flag-1The Provisional Council of State hereby proclaims that the flag of the State of Israel shall be as illustrated and described below: The flag is 220 cm. long and 160 cm. wide. The background is white and on it are two stripes of dark sky-blue, 25 cm. broad, over the whole length of the flag, at a distance of 15 cm. from the top and from the bottom of the flag. In the middle of the white background, between the two blue stripes and at equal distance from each stripe is a Star of David, composed of six dark sky-blue stripes, 5.5 cm. broad, which form two equilateral triangles, the bases of which are parallel to the two horizontal stripes.

25 Tishrei 5709 (28 October 1948)
Provisional Council of State
Joseph Sprinzak, Speaker

Zionist tradition credits the design of the Zionist flag to David Wolffsohn

The Zionist flag uses the Star of David to express Jewish unity, which is in turn guided by the precepts of the Torah, as represented by the blue stripes and white background.

The Provisional Council Of State Proclamation Of The Emblem Of The State Of Israel.

The Provisional Council of State hereby proclaims and makes known that the emblem of the State of Israel shall be as illustrated:

11 Shevat 5709 (10 February 1949) Provisional Council of State Joseph Sprinzak, Speaker.

The official emblem was adopted nine months after the state was established.

Davis Ben Gurion, upon being asked to create the seal for the new State of Israel, chose two olive branches surrounding a menorah (seven-branched candlestick). It stands as Israel’s state seal to this day. On each of the seven cups of the menorah is one word of the declaration: “Lo b’chil, u’lo b’koach, ki im b’ruachi” (Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord of Hosts”). This verse is found in Zechariah 4:6, spoken during the time they were rebuilding the Temple after the Babylonian captivity.


The Menorah, the seven-branched candelabra of the Temple in Jerusalem, occupies the center of the seal. This is the oldest symbol in Jerusalem, much older than the star of David. The artist used as their model the depiction of the menorah in relief on the ancient Arch of Titus in Rome.(1)


State of Israel official Government web Site (written by Alec Mishory).
For a more detailed description of events involving the state seal and flag visit Israel's Official Government Site.

Photo of Israel flag from

1). The Everlasting Nation Jan/Feb 2008 p.8

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