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The Testimony of Sid Roth:

sid_rothMy name is Sid Roth. I am a Jew. Both of my parents were Jewish. I have Israeli and American citizenship. I attended a traditional synagogue where I was bar mitzvah.

Like most American Jews, I found organized religion irrelevant to my life. I was proud of being Jewish, but bored with religion.

To be honest, my god was money. My goal was to be a millionaire by age 30. By 29, I had graduated college, was married, was the father of one daughter, and was an account executive for Merrill Lynch. Although I had a wonderful life and career, I felt I was a failure because I was not a millionaire.

I did something I am not proud of. I left my wife, daughter and Merrill Lynch and went searching for happiness. My search led me to Eastern meditation, the New Age. During this search, I almost lost my mind. Life was too difficult.

sid_roth_2A Christian businessman challenged me that my Jewish Bible condemned my occult practices and told me that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah that my Orthodox Jewish upbringing had carefully hidden from me. I was stunned.

So I began to read the Jewish Scriptures for myself and I got the shock of my life. What he had said might well be true. No sooner had that thought formed in my mind than the New Age spirit guide that I had surrendered to began to curse me from inside that same mind!

Previously, I thought I controlled this New Age spirit guide, but I now knew that was not true. I had a power, a strong power, and it was evil.

I went to sleep that night so full of fear, I wanted to die! In desperation I prayed, "Jesus, help!" I still did not know if Jesus was real, but I had nowhere else to turn.

The next morning when I woke up, I knew immediately that the evil that had been inside of me was gone! Even my fear was gone! I knew it was that prayer I had prayed the night before! In place of fear and desperation, I had a tangible peace and feeling of love that I had never experienced before. And I knew that Jesus was real.

After Becoming A Believer In Jesus As Messiah:

messianic_seal_1_med Not only did He reach down to save me and restore me to my right mind, but He also restored my marriage and gave me back my wonderful wife, Joy, and my precious daughter, Leigh.

My entire immediate Jewish family, including my father, mother, sister and brother-in-law, came to know Jesus. And since 1972, I have devoted my life to telling Jewish people Jesus is our Messiah!

Sid has spent over 40 years sharing the good news of the Gospel with other people. He has a heart to help others.

Currently (2014) Sid focuses much of his attention working on the T.V. show "Its Supernatural."

its_supernaturalThis show brings on guests and with Sid's help they recreate their personal journeys of a supernatural event that took place in their lives they believe God was behind. The intent of the T.V. show is to confirm that God is still doing miracles today and that these miracles often bring others closer to Him or/and cry out with His glory.

There are those who think that miracles no longer occur but Sid's guest consistently tell a story of miracle healing, visions and of faith. The show seems to simply want to share that God is alive and well. Many of the interviews are on you tube including Sid's testimony of his own journey.sid_roth_book

This testimony is a very short version of the path Sid took to find the true Messiah. For a more in depth look at his personal journey you can read the book he wrote about his testimony, "There Must Be Something More." There is also the option of seeing his testimony on you tube.

In addition to this book Sid has authored or coauthored several other books that share stories of supernatural healing and the testimonies of others who put their faith in Jesus.


Sid has spent over 40 years sharing the good news of the Gospel with other people through radio, television, books and in person. He has a heart to help others.


Testimony from - Reposted with permission.

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