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The Testimony of Rabbi Nathaniel Friedmann:

rabbi_nathaniel_friedmannRabbi Nathaniel Friedmann was born in Plock Russia. In 1889 he came to the United States. He was on a mission. He was looking for another man from Russia, Rabbi Daniel Landsmann. Rabbi Landsmann had become a believer in Jesus and was working with the LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod). He was assigned a position in New York City and Rabbi Friedmann came to New York to find him and discuss matters of faith.

The testimony of these two men, Rabbi Friedmann and Rabbi Landsmann are often linked and told together.

For over 25 years Rabbi Landsmann testimony of his faith in Jesus had been actively told, first in Jerusalem where he came to faith, then in Constantinople where he started a congregation for Jewish believers in Jesus and now in New York City. The news that a well educated Jewish Rabbi was sharing his faith in Jesus with others had been getting back to Russia and Rabbi Friedmann was sent to try to put an end to it.

In 1889, once he arrived in New York City, Rabbi Friedmann and Rabbi (now Reverend) Landsmann were able to connect. They discussed matters of faith. While Landsmann was aware of traditional Jewish theology including the Talmud, Friedmann was not aware of the true Gospel message and how believing in a Jewish Messiah was the most Jewish thing a Jewish person could do. After much discussion, instead of Landsmann returning to the same Jewish thinking that existed when he left Russia, it was Friedmann who changed his own outlook on faith.

The Lord had convinced him that Landsmann was correct in his belief concerning Jesus and He himself now accepted this same faith change. He ended up moving to New York City and Landsmann and him remained friends. Landsmann had a position with the LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod).

Rabbi Friedmann later was ordained as a Lutheran Pastor, now accepting the title of Reverend Nathaniel Friedmann. He became a missionary to the Jews sponsored by the Lutheran church, ironically becoming Landsmann's successor, and served in NYC until 1941.

Here is a copy of the obituary that appeared in the New York Times Newspaper May 11, 1941.




Source: by Rabbi Joshua.

Obit from Butterworth powerpoint presentation (link below).

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