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The Testimony of Lillian Gartenhaus:

Lillian GartenhausLillian Brown was born into a Jewish home in Toronto, Canada. Her father was a cantor in a local synagogue. In her early years Lillian had a serious illness. Not knowing what to do, her Jewish father went to see a Christian missionary, asking his advice.

The missionary said, are you willing to pray for her in the name of Jesus? Yes, he agreed. So the two men prayed together. When Mr. Brown returned home, Lillian was much better. Her fever had broken, and to the amazement of many she was completely healed.

This experience led to her father's conversion and Lillian's as well. So, she grew up in a Hebrew Christian home. This testimony led to a number of her Jewish relatives coming to the Lord. She later played piano in a gospel mission in Toronto, led by a Jewish believer.

In 1922 she married Jacob Gartenhaus, an Austrian Hebrew Christian missionary and they moved to Atlanta. Lillian always said she was "Jacob's Trouble," but in reality was his secretary, cook, chauffeur, proofreader, and the mother of four children. Her favorite scripture verses were Numbers 6:23-26. The two formed their own Mission, IBJM (International Board of Jewish Missions), in 1949.

God led them to move to Chattanooga where a new IBJM headquarters was dedicated in 1971. Jacob went to heaven in 1984 and after 70 years in God's work, the Lord called Mrs. Gartenhaus home to be with Him. For a full color tract telling her story, contact:

International Board of Jewish Missions
P.O.Box 1386
Hixson, TN 37343.



March/April 2011/ The Everlasting Nation p.11 - Reposted with permission.

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