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Talmudic Comments Concerning The End Of Mosaic Law And The New Covenant:


The Rabbis who wrote the Talmud understood that some day the New Covenant would replace the Mosaic Law.

All sacrifices will be abolished except for the offer of thanksgiving (Lev. Rabbah 9:7).(1)

All festivals will be abolished except for Purim which will never be abolished (and the Day of Atonement will be like Purim). (Yalkut and Midrash Mishle on Prov. 9:2).(1)

The Lord allows the forbidden … and will one day allow the eating of all animals now forbidden to be eaten … In the time to come he will allow every thing that he has forbidden. Midrash Tehillim in regard to Ps. 146:7.(1)

A new Torah shall go forth from me (Lev. Rabbah 13:3).(1)

The Messiah Himself will teach the new Torah (Yalkut in regard to Isa. 26:2).(1)

R Hizqiya in the name of R. Simon bar Zibdi said: "The whole Tora which you learn in This World is vanity as against the Tora of the World to Come. For in This World a man learns Tora and forgets, but in the Future to Come (he will not forget) as it is written, I will put My Tora in their inward parts and in their heart will I write it (Jer. 31:33). (The Messiah Texts, Raphael Patai, pages 247-257 Eccl. Rabbah 11:1. One of seventeen similar entries).(1)




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