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"Kiddush Transliteration and Translation:"

"In an undertone:"

"Va'yehiy erev, va'yehiy voker"
"And it was evening, and it was morning

kiddish-cup-1kiddish-cup-1"Continue aloud:"

"Yom ha'shishi
Va'yechulu ha'shamayim ve'ha'aretz v'chol tzevaam.
Va'yechal Elo-him ba'yom ha'sheviiy melachto asher asa,
va'yishbot ba'yom ha'sheviiy mikol melachto asher asa.

Of the sixth day
And creation of heaven and earth were completed with
all of their array. On the seventh day G-d completed all of His creative activity,
And He withdrew on the seventh day from the creative activity which He had done.

Va'yevarech Elo-him et yom ha'sheviiy va'yekadesh oto,
ki vo shavat mikol melachto asher bara Elo-him laasot."

G-d blessed the seventh day and made it holy,
for on it He abstained from all the creative activity
which G-d had created, to be developed

(Bereshit 2:1-3)"

"Then recite the blessing over the wine or grape juice:"

"Baruch Ata Ado-nai Elo-heinu Melech Ha'Olam,
Borei peri ha'gafen"

"Blessed are You, Holy Master, our G-d, King of the Universe,
Who creates the fruit of the vine"

"This is the final part of Kiddush:"

"Baruch Ata Ado-nai Elo-heinu Melech Ha'Olam,
asher kideshanu b'mitzvotav v'ratzah vanu,
v'Shabbat kodsho b'ahavah u'v'ratzon hinchilanu
zikaron l'maaseh bereshit;

"Blessed are You, Holy Master, our G-d, King of the Universe,
Who sanctified us with His commandments and desired us,
And His holy Shabbat with love and pleasure
He gave to us as an inheritance,
as a remembrance of the Act of Creation.

Ki hu yom techilah le'mikraei kodesh,
zeicher li'yetziat Mitzrayim;
Ki vanu vacharta v'otanu kidashta mi'kol ha'amim,
V'Shabbat kodshecha be'ahavah u've'ratzon hinchaltanu;
Baruch ata Ado-nai Mekadesh Ha'Shabbat"

For Shabbat is the first of the holidays,
which are remembrances of the Exodus from Egypt.
For You have chosen us, and made us holy
from all the nations,
and You gave us Your holy Shabbat
with love and pleasure;
Blessed are You, Holy Master, Who sanctifies the Shabbat"(1)



1). This prayer is an excerpt from The Magic of Shabbos by Rabbi Mordechai Rhine.

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