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Ways To Show Encouragement:

By Dr. Charles Stanley

There Are Many Ways To Show Encouragement.

1).You can call someone.

2). Write a letter.

3). Send a text.

4). Give a sincere complement.

5). Try asking, "How can I pray for you?" (What would you have me pray for you about?)

6). Take the initiative to meet (fulfill) a need - (Financial or emotional)

7). Point them to an applicable scripture. Consider Psalm 32:8 Share scriptures that speak directly to their situations.

8). Tell them the truth.

9). Be forgiving.

10). Be a good example.

11). Give Godly correction. I care what's going on in your life and I am thinking and praying for you, but if you keep heading the direction you are going your going to make a terrible mistake. Say it in a loving way.

12). Give a thoughtful gift.

12). Sacrifice your time to be with a friend who may be lonely.

14). Weep with those who weep.

15). Express affirmation and agreement when possible.

16). Share scriptures that speak directly to their situations.

17). You can also encourage others by being a good example to them and giving loving, godly correction.

18). Agree when its appropriate. Yes that's right. I completely agree.

19). Almost all people will feel uplifted if you really listen to them. Sometimes a person just wants to be heard. Just to have someone listen is awesomely encouraging

20). Give them your full attention.

21). Be patient. I willing to wait until they say what they should be saying, or feel what they should be feeling.

22). Give a meaningful gift.

23). An affirming look. (Don't look away or be distracted)

24). Pass on some helpful information.

25). Assisting them in an area in which they feel inadequate. Be helpful.

26). Show your loyalty—let people know they can count on you. I appreciate what you do. you can count on me.

27). Don't be afraid to say, "I love you," especially to your family.

28). Love those whom they love. Your my friend, I love you so I going to also love the people who love you.

29). Finally, the easiest way to be an encouragement is simply to smile.

encourageKey Passage for this study:  1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 |
Supporting Scripture:
Psalm 32:8,
Matthew 26:36-38,
|Mark 10:46-48,
John 8:11,
Acts 4:36-37; 9:19-30; 14:19-22; 28:23-26

Our Lord also demonstrated a lifestyle of encouragement. Jesus was kind to people the rest of society considered unimportant or unclean. For example, when the blind beggar Bartimaeus called out to Him, Jesus stopped and took the time to heal him (Mark 10:46-48). The woman caught in adultery was going to be stoned to death, but Jesus intervened and exposed the hypocrisy of her accusers. Instead of condemning her to death or a life of shame, Christ encouraged her to give up her sin (John 8:11). (1)


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in_touch_charles_stanley_21). Dr. Charles Stanley Sermon - In Touch Ministries, Life Principles sermon notes from March 9, 2014


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