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Keeping Kosher:

Keeping Kosher is a lifestyle where the observer believes the Bible dictates what can and cannot be eaten. Certain foods are considered Biblically acceptable (Kosher) and certain foods are considered Biblically forbidden (non-Kosher).

Considered Kosher: Animals that chew their cud and have split hooves. These kosher animals include bison, cows, deer, goats and sheep. Certain fowl and fish are also kosher. (Chicken is considered kosher)

No-Pig-LogoConsidered Non-Kosher (Sometimes referred to as Treyf): Animals that do not chew their cud or have split hooves. These non-kosher animals include pigs and rabbits.

Also considered non-kosher are reptiles and rodents.

A sample list of forbidden birds can be found at (Lev. 11:13-19; Deut. 14:11-18).

Fish are usually considered kosher if they have fins and scales. For a more complete list of fish check out  (Shrimp is not kosher).

Keeping Kosher is not really a custom, culture or tradition. It is a set of Old Testament Biblical Laws that some people still try to observe.

The Bible does not give a clear reason for the Kosher laws other than God said to Israel that they should do it. Any explanation as to why is just a guess or commentary.

Mixing Meat And Dairy:

The Bible commanded Israel not to boil a kid (baby goat) in the milk of it's mother (Ex. 23:19). From this verse rabbinical Judaism decided not to mix any dairy and meat product together (i.e. cheeseburger). In some Jewish homes separate dishes for dairy and meat products are maintained.

Food Label Certification:

There are several different organizations that put their stamp of approval on a food label to show the consumer that it is a kosher product. Here are a few of them.

Kosher Images (1)

Miscellaneous Comments:

Even when the animal is considered kosher it still must be processed in a certain manner to remain kosher.

Fruits and vegetables are kosher.

There are many other regulations that pertain to Rabbinical Judaism's Kosher Laws.

Messianic-Seal-SmallThere are several congregations that are considered Messianic meaning that they may contain as part of their membership Jews who recognize that Jesus is the Messiah. Some of these congregations are considered Torah observant which means that even though they look to the Messiah as their Savior they still believe that it is the proper lifestyle to follow some Old Testament laws and customs when possible. This would include keeping kosher and often a Saturday (traditional Sabbath day) worship service.

There is increasing scientific evidence that eating a kosher lifestyle has health benefits.


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