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Israels 1948 Connection:

The Year 1948:

There seems to be the possibility of a very interesting connection involving the Nation of Israel and the year 1948. The traditional timeline genealogy found in the Bible seems to show that 1948 years after Adam and the creation of man, Abraham was born. That is from the Jewish calendar that uses a 360 day lunar cycle.

In our current Gregorian calendar that uses a 365 day cycle, Israel became a nation recognized by the United Nations in the year 1948. It seems that Abraham, the beginning of biblical Israel, may have been born the same year (1948) as the modern nation of Israel.

At the very least, if true, it makes for an interesting coincidence, however, it may be much more than that considering God has perfect timing.

Abrahams 1948 Timeline:

Year Since Creation Person Of Interest Years Until
Biblical Reference
0-130 Adam to Seth 130 Years Genesis 5:3
130-235 Seth son of Adam & Eve to Enosh 105 Years Geneses 5:6
235-325 Enosh to Kenan 90 Years Genesis 5:9
325-395 Kenan son of Enosh to Mahalalel 70 Years Genesis 5:12
395-460 Mahalalel son of Keenan to Jared 65 Years Genesis 5:15
460-622 Jared son of Mahalalel to Enoch 162 Years Genesis 5:18
622-687 Enoch to Methuselah 65 Years Genesis 5:21
687-874 Methuselah to Lamech 187 Years Genesis 5:25
874-1056 Lamech son of Methuselah to Noah 182 Years Genesis 5:28-29
1056-1656 Noah son of Lamech to the Flood 600 Years Genesis 7:6
1656-1658 Flood to Arpachshad - Son of Shem 2 Years Genesis 11:10
1658-1693 Arpaschad to Shelah 35 Years Genesis 11:12
1693-1723 Shelah son of Arpaschad to Eber 30 Years Genesis 11:14
1723-1757 Eber son of Shelah to Peleg 34 Years Genesis 11:16
1757-1787 Peleg to Reu 30 Years Genesis 11:18
1787-1819 Reu son of Peleg to Serug 32 Years Genesis 11:20
1819-1849 Serug son of Reu to Nahor 30 Years Genesis 11:22
1849-1878 Nahor son of Serug to Terah 29 Years Genesis 11:24
1878-1948 Terah son of Nahor to Abraham 70 Years Genesis 11:26
0-1948 Adam to Abraham - Israel's Founding Father 1948 Years  

Modern Day Israel:

On May 14, 1948, on the day in which the British Mandate over Palestine expired, Israel declared its independence and was recognized by the United Nations as the Nation of Israel.

Read the Text of The Declaration Of The State Of Israel:


There are different spellings for some of the names when translated to English. The Stone Edition of the Tanach published by Artscroll was used for reference.

Read about how the Re-gathering Of Israel in 1948 is part of End Time Prophecy.


Messianic Bible - May 10th 2011.

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